Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The holiday season is here at Sarah O. and we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone, family member, or bestie. Make sure you check out our complete holiday edit collection and double check the shipping deadlines to ensure you’ll get your gift in time. Don't forget, we're here to help! Schedule a shopping appointment with us, either virtually or in one of our Denver showrooms to have a Sarah O. team member help you shop. 


Gifts that Sparkle

The Mary Louise Necklace

diamond necklace

Timeless and elegant, you can never go wrong with a white sapphire and diamond necklace. This beautiful piece is slightly vintage and makes a unique gift for the holidays.

Three Beaded Diamond Band

The three beaded diamond band has a hint of sparkle but also beautiful gold texture. This ring is great to stack with other pieces or an engagement ring, but is also beautiful on its own. 


Personalized gifts

Gemstone with Diamond Bar Necklace 

diamond necklace

The gemstone with diamond bar necklace is customizable so that you can choose the gemstone that hangs in the center of the necklace. Choose a birthstone, favorite color, or classic diamond to add a perfect personal touch. 

Beacon Ring

The beacon ring allows you to customize the center gemstone and create a piece special just for your person. This ring is also a part of our Sentiment Collection, so it was designed with a special meaning in mind that makes it an even more personal gift. 


Gifts for Mom / Parents

Gemstone Side Flare Ring

The gemstone side flare ring is customizable, so that you can choose the center gemstone of the ring. This is the perfect gift for mothers or any parent because it can be created with their birthstone, their children's birthstones, or whatever is special to them. 

Tides Necklace

The Tides necklace is a great gift for mothers and parents because it is not only beautiful, but it is also connected to a personal meaning. The necklace represents slowing down and enjoying the small joys of life, which is the perfect symbolism for mothers and the small moments they cherish with their children.


Gifts for your Bestie

Long Hexagon Labradorite in Bezel

Both of these bezel set hexagon gemstone necklaces are perfect to stack or wear on their own. They are trendy yet timeless, and they make the perfect mismatched best friend necklaces (you might have to gift one to yourself too!)

Long Hexagon Peach Moonstone in Bezel


Gifts for the Trend-Setter / Fashionista

Black Spinel Kite Ring

The black spinel kite ring is edgy and trendy without being too over the top. Its high contrast dark color stands out with any outfit. This is the perfect piece for the friend that's always on trend, and P.S. it has a matching necklace too!

Black Spinel Kite Necklace

The black spinel kite necklace is perfect to pair with a matching black spinel necklace or earrings, and the black gemstone matches anyone's wardrobe. 


Gifts for your Significant Other

Five Square Moonstone Bezel Bracelet

This bracelet is dainty and unique, it makes the perfect addition to your significant other's wardrobe because it goes with everything. This is a gift that won't go out of style.  

The Monroe Marquise Champagne Diamond Ring

Whether you're purchasing this as an alternative engagement ring or a stunning right hand ring, you cannot go wrong with a champagne diamond. This ring is one of a kind and makes a beautiful and unforgettable gift.


Gifts for The Person That Has Everything (Hint: One of a Kind Pieces)

The Nile Light Blue Sapphire Ring

For the person who has everything, there's only one option... something that no one has! Our gemstone statement pieces are one of a kind due to the uniqueness of each individual gemstone. Just like this Nile ring, each piece from our Voyage Collection is one of a kind.

Pear Tanzanite with Partial Diamond Halo Necklace

This pear tanzanite necklace is the perfect statement piece for someone who has everything because Tanzanite is a more unusual stone and when it's set in this partial diamond halo, it's impossible not to love. 

Organic Green Blue Opal with Starburst Diamond Halo Ring

Absolutely one of a kind and beautifully unique, this opal ring has an organic diamond halo that compliments the blue green center stone. This is the perfect gift for someone who has everything, or loves the magical aura of opal gemstones. 


Gifts for Winter Weddings

The Harlem Earrings

The perfect gift for a winter bride, the Harlem earrings are stunning yet simple enough that they won't steal the show. These are especially great for someone who loves or has the Harlem diamond engagement ring!

The Elizabeth Necklace

The Elizabeth necklace is dainty and perfect for an accessory on a winter wedding day. This necklace also has matching earrings and is inspired by the beautiful Elizabeth diamond engagement ring.


Still not sure what to gift? Schedule a shopping appointment with us (virtual or in our showroom) to have a team member help you one on one. Be sure to browse our entire Holiday Edit, or purchase a gift card. Happy Holidays from all of us at Sarah O.!