Organic Aquamarine in Milgrain Bezel with Pave Diamond Halo Ring 14kyg

14k yellow gold ring with a 5.78 ct organic aquamarine set in a milgrain bezel with a .23 ct pave diamond halo.
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This one-of-a-kind 14k yellow gold ring features a 5.78 ct organic shape rose cut aquamarine in a milgrain bezel, surrounded by a .23 ct pave diamond halo and a high polish band. The band measures ~ 1.8mm in width. 

Aquamarine’s light and playful blue color makes it stand out in any piece of jewelry, and it compliments any metal color. Known as the birthstone of March, this light gemstone welcomes in springtime. Aquamarine is known for its capability to help the wearer seek truth and happiness.


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