Oval Checkerboard Moonstone in Milgrain Bezel with Side Diamond Flare Ring 14kyg

14k yellow gold ring with an oval checkerboard moonstone in a milgrain bezel with a .07 ct side diamond flare.
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This one-of-a-kind 14k yellow gold statement ring features an oval checkerboard cut moonstone set in a milgrain bezel, framed on one side with a .07 ct diamond starburst flare, set on a high polish band. The band measures ~ 1.8mm in width.

Obviously named in connection to the moon, this gemstone is connected to cycles in life, just like moon phases. It reminds us that life goes through phases and there is no need to fear new chapters. Rather than letting you get lost in the cyclical nature of life, moonstone encourages you to find harmony in some of the repetition, while also creating new beginnings for yourself. Moonstone is considered an alternate birthstone for the month of June, but this stone is loved by many.


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