Pear Tanzanite with Partial Starburst Diamond Halo Necklace 14krg

14k rose gold necklace with a 1.31 ct pear tanzanite set in prongs with a .26 ct partial starburst diamond halo and an 18" chain.
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This one-of-a-kind gemstone 14k rose gold necklace features a 1.31 ct pear tanzanite set in four prongs at the center of the design, wrapped on three sides by a tapering .26 ct partial starburst diamond halo. The pendant is set on a 18" fine gold chain.

Tanzanite is believed to have the power to transform negative thoughts into positive ones, and can aid in self expression. It’s also thought to help the wearer recognize their true calling in life and to bring out the underlying strength from within. This gorgeous blue-purple stone was discovered this the last century in Tanzania and is one of the newer gemstone additions to the fine jewelry world.


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