The Betty 3.01 ct Cushion Checker Cut Hybrid Diamond Ring 14kyg

14k yellow gold ring with a 3.01 ct cushion checker cut hybrid diamond, set in prongs with .34 ct oval and round diamond side stones, on a rounded high polish band.
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Diamond Color L
Clarity VS1

The modern mama of interior design, Betty Joel was known for her incredible innovations in furniture, textiles and interiors. Without any formal training, her detail oriented Deco designs created solutions to older design flaws and paved the way for more visually pleasing pieces. 

This one-of-a-kind 3.01 ct cushion checker cut hybrid diamond set in prongs, framed on each side by .34 ct oval and round diamond side stones. The entire design is set on a rounded high polish band that measures ~ 1.8mm in width. This design features a modified cushion cut diamond with a unique checkerboard faceting along the top of the stone. 

Additional Information

  • Our Myriad Collection is designed around unique and hard to find center stones, making these pieces truly one-of-a-kind. Each hand-selected natural stone is of the highest quality.


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