Our Commitment

Sarah O. is committed to ongoing environmental consciousness in sourcing and manufacturing. When it comes to choosing the perfect stone, there are both human rights and environmental concerns to be considered. The harvesting of diamonds has a history of fueling conflict and Sarah O. believes that it is unacceptable to provide conflict diamonds. Whether they be tainted by violence, human rights abuses, poverty, environmental degradation, or other issues; Sarah O.’s goal is to continually work closely with our suppliers and jewelers in order to ensure our products are produced in the most ethical way possible. 

Sarah O. stones have been carefully selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins. Sarah O. is committed to selling diamonds ethically and we are proud supporters of the Kimberley Process and all diamonds sourced by Sarah O. comply with this process. The Kimberley Process is a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. 

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We also offer lab created and rough diamonds, both of which are sustainable options.