Care + Cleaning

Clean Your Ring

They are two of your most prized possessions, so you should keep your engagement ring and wedding band as shiny as possible. To keep your ring sparkling, clean it often to remove lotions, skin oil and everyday dirt which clouds it. If you wish to purchase our cleaner of choice, just ask. In-store ring cleaning is always free of charge. 

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Ring maintenance must include checking the stone settings every six months. We will check the integrity of the prongs on your setting and professionally clean it. If you come in every six months to get your ring checked, Sarah O. will replace any stones smaller than .05ct for the lifetime of the ring. 

Ring Care Tips

We highly recommend that you take your ring off when doing anything that requires a lot of work with your hands, or involving snow/water (such as dishwashing, skiing, swimming, etc.), since it can make your fingers shrink and rings can fall off. Always remember to put the ring in a secure location. If you take your ring off at home consider purchasing an immobile safe or find an unusual hiding spot. 

Insure Your Ring

Your new rings are heirlooms and should be treated as such. Given your engagement ring's sentimental and monetary value, you'll want to make sure it lasts a lifetime (if not several). First, insure the ring: add jewelry to your homeowner's or renter's insurance, or take out a separate policy with a specialty insurer. We recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance.

What You Need To Insure Your Ring

You'll need to provide a description of the ring, including its stone type, cut, carat weight, metal and replacement value as appraised by a certified independent jeweler. It is a good idea to submit a close-up photo of your ring. You'll want to bring your receipt of your purchase along with diamond certification (if applicable) to your appraisal appointment.

Our Warranty

If you come in every six months to get your ring checked, Sarah O. will replace any lost stones smaller than .05ct for the lifetime of the ring. Sarah O.'s warranty does not cover any stones larger than .05ct that have fallen out or been lost. Before your ring leaves our jeweler it is checked for security. To prevent your center stone from chipping or falling out be sure to keep it from being bumped or knocked on anything. If you notice that any stone is loose take your jewelry off immediately and bring it into our store for one of our staff to check it.