Jewelry Cleaning + Care

Caring for your jewelry properly ensures it will not only last a lifetime, but also stay looking as good as new. Engagement rings and wedding bands get more wear than almost anything else you own, so their care is especially important. Just like so many other things in life, establishing a cleaning routine for your jewelry is the best way to ensure it stays looking pristine. 

There are small things you can do everyday to take care of your jewelry like taking off your jewelry during activities that may be harmful to it. Put your ring in a safe place any time you are doing outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, or working with your hands. Additionally, anytime your ring may get scratched or fall off is a good time to remove it. If you pause to consider taking it off, you probably should! If you take your ring off at home consider purchasing an immobile safe or find an unusual hiding spot.

Taking off your ring before you go to sleep is also a great idea because the prongs on your jewelry can snag on loose threads. This can loosen the prongs at put your stones at risk of falling out. 

Another easy way to keep your rings sparkling clean is to remove them when using lotions and take them off before you shower. Thick and oily products can quickly cloud your gemstones, so avoiding them keeps your jewelry shining. Set them in a ring dish to make sure they don't get lost or fall into a hard to reach space. 

Frequently cleaning your ring ensures it will maintain its shine by removing any lotions, oils, or dirt that build up with time. Cleaning your rings at home is easy with one of our ring cleaning solution or jewelry cleaning pen. This is a great way to keep your ring clean because everyday buildups can dull and cloud your stone’s sparkle. 

Perhaps the most important thing you can do routinely to keep your ring shining is to have it professionally cleaned every six months. At Sarah O. cleaning is always complimentary, and we love having our clients stop by to say hello. While your ring is in with us to get cleaned, we will also perform ring maintenance checks. This includes checking the stone settings and checking the integrity of the prongs on your setting to ensure you aren’t at risk of losing any stones. 

Following a jewelry cleaning routine is a sure way to keep your collection in tip top shape. Take off your jewelry in active situations, clean it at home, and get rings professionally cleaned every 6 months. If you need at home cleaning supplies, we recommend our cleaning solution or jewelry cleaning pen



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