Dairy Block Grand Opening Celebration

We were overjoyed to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Dairy Block location with all of our family and friends.
It was such a thrill to have everyone come together in the same space to commemorate this momentous occasion.
A special thank you goes out to the wonderfully talented wedding vendors who made the trip to downtown Denver to see our new space and revel in our festivities.
From the boho accordion player's lovely serenade to the whimsical cotton candy treats, the night could not have been a more perfect representation of our fun-loving company.
The flawless floral installations by Lalé Florals complimented our custom Mr. Melty mural exceptionally well and brought both our new space and Blanchard Wines to life. 
This incredible night wouldn't have been possible without our lovely neighbors at Blanchard Wines, Stephanie at Lalé Florals and the planners at Brindle + Oak.
We hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did! 
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