Organic Turquoise with Half Flare Diamond Ring 14kwg

14k white gold organic shape turquoise in a high polish bezel with a .22 ct starburst diamond half flare.
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This one-of-a-kind 14k white gold statement ring features an organic shape turquoise set in a high polish bezel, with a .22 ct diamond starburst flare that wraps around the bottom of the stone, and set on a high polish white gold band. The band measures ~ 1.8mm in width.

Turquoise is connected to tradition and is full of meaning and magic. Symbolizing peace and serenity, this gemstone brings calm to those who wear it. This opaque gemstone is said to bring someone the power of self-actualization and the ability to fully step into their potential. A lesser known birthstone, turquoise is an alternative to blue topaz for the month of December.